This was my entry into the 2019 Coolmath Games Game Jam (which I was a finalist in!) Just drag on Bimmy to launch him around each level and make it to the goal. You can launch Bimmy again as long as he's hit a wall after being launched.

You can also play this game on my website, or on Coolmath Games.

I'm also working on a much much much better version of this game for release on the App Store! (and hopefully Google Play Store too sometime down the line) So, if you'd like to support development of the game, feel free to donate with the "Support This Game" button.

Here are some screenshots of the current version of the game (as of 7/9/19). It's playable in both Portrait and Landscape orientation. The backgrounds have also seen a transition to 3D!

There's much more in store for the final game, including new worlds and gamemodes! Pretty cooooool

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Made withGameMaker
Tagsbimmy, mobile, Physics, Singleplayer

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